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How To Craft The Perfect Elevator Pitch For Your Brand

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt pressured to make a good first impression!

(My hand is raised, just so we’re clear.)

You know the feeling. Someone is expressing interest in you and what you offer, whether it be via DM, email, in person, or on a call, and you get the “OMG, they might hire me” butterflies.  

And then you try to explain everything that you do, but you end up getting too excited or too flustered to do your best job outlining what you do and why you’re the best.

When you don’t have a solid elevator pitch for your business, it can be easy to find yourself rambling and getting off-topic when discussing your services with a lead… which is why today we’re talkin’ allll about how to create the best possible elevator pitch for your brand!

And before you say “but I’m a remote service-based business, I never meet clients in person. Do I still need an elevator pitch?” let me assure you that yes, yes you do. Even though the concept of ‘giving an elevator pitch’ isn’t traditionally viewed as applicable to online situations — it so is!

Your elevator pitch can be delivered via video chat on a discovery call, by email, or via phone!

No matter how you communicate with your leads, you’ll need a way to clearly and concisely explain to them exactly what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for.

(Quick pause: why do we still call these the ‘elevator pitch’ when no one ever *actually* pitches ideas to strangers in elevators? If you have the answer – let me know in the comments.) 

This statement is a critical element of your business. It immediately lets your audience know what you’re all about, what sets you apart from the crowd, and how you conduct your work, all wrapped up in a couple of easy-to-understand sentences with a cherry on top. Having a set elevator pitch for your brand is not only important for communicating the most important aspects of your business to others, but also to gain clarity for yourself. The elevator pitch is the heart and soul of all of your messaging.

So now that you’re *inevitably convinced,* here’s my tried and true five-step formula to creating the perfect elevator pitch for your brand.

Step One: Define Your End Goal

Surprisingly enough, the first step begins with the end. Starting with a clear definition of your end game is the best way to ensure your elevator pitch is crafted to drive the results you’re looking for. If your goal is to convince someone to book a discovery call, you’re going to want your elevator pitch to lead up to that.

Step Two: Get Crystal Clear On Your ‘Why’

Now that you know the call to action you’re hoping to invoke with your elevator pitch, it’s time to define your ‘why.’ Before you can explain everything about your business to someone else in a clear manner, you need that clarity for yourself!

Your elevator pitch should cover…

•   A quick introduction to who you are

•   The services you offer or products you sell (and why they’re irresistible)

•   Why you are different from the other people who offer these services or products

•   What your audience will get out of working with you (and how you can solve their problems or make their lives easier)

Including elements about your creative process would also be a great way to spice up your elevator pitch.

Step Three: Know Your Audience

So you’ve got your goal, and you’ve got your ‘why’ — now you need to combine those two elements to craft a concise-yet-thorough message for your intended audience. But who is that audience? 

Think about who you want to listen to this elevator pitch. How old are they? Where do they spend most of their time online? What do they do for work? What are they struggling with? These are all questions you’ll want to consider before you begin to craft your brand’s elevator pitch, because you can’t very well draft a direct message without knowing who you’re speaking to.

Step Four: Speak Right To Them

Which brings me to step number 4: you have to speak right TO your audience, or (and I’m gonna be honest with you here for a sec) your pitch could totally flop. There’s nothing worse than working hard on a certain task for your business – whether it be a social media post, a blog article, or even your elevator pitch – and having it fly completely over your audience’s head because you didn’t take the time to ensure you were speaking their language.

The easiest way to do this is by putting yourself in their shoes. Use your answers from step three, and dig a little bit deeper. Consider their current life situation: what they may be going through, and why they need you. 

Treat your brand’s elevator pitch like a conversation rather than a selling mechanism. At the end of the day, you’re a human, speaking to another human. Even though you both know that it’s a sales pitch at the end of the day, no one wants to listen to an overly sales-y pitch. Focus on the connection

(And for an in-depth explanation of how to connect with your ideal audience, download my audience persona guide here!)

Step Five: Share What You Do & How You Can Help

Remember those shoes you just stepped in a minute ago? Yeah, you’re gonna need to put them back on for a sec. Think about the problems your target audience may be facing. How are you going to solve them?  

To ensure your brand’s elevator pitch is as effective as possible, don’t forget to clearly define what exactly you do and how you’re helping your target audience. Communicate how your product or service is going to solve a *specific* problem of theirs — and why your brand is going to do it in a way that no one else could.


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