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5 Content Ideas to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

Email Marketing

YAY! You’re growing your email list! 

…but how the heck do you keep your subscribers engaged once you convince them to subscribe? 

Getting your audience to actually open those emails and read them is a whole other story. 

We all know how important growing an email list is for business, for allll sorts of reasons, but no one ever really talks about what to actually SEND those new subscribers! 

And in today’s post, I’m going to change that. Here are 5 easy (and fun!) ways to engage with your audience and get them to indulge in your emails: 

1. A hot tip that’s easy to implement

No one wants a long, drawn-out explanation of anything. We live in the day and age of quick, digestible content. And the only thing we as an impatient society love more than digestible content is productivity and business hacks, tips, and tricks!

When you send your email list quick tips, you’re speaking their love language. Tell them exactly what they’re going to get in the subject line & effortlessly grab the attention of your audience. People enjoy when you give them something they can use!

A few tips you could include are…

  • Your process for managing client work
  • Ways to customize your website
  • How you use your CRM
  • Instagram story ideas
  • Best sounds to use on Reels
  • Recommendations of experts to follow
  • How to implement a solid time management schedule
  • Step-by-step tutorials

…the list goes on and on!

When you’re thinking about easy tips you can provide your audience with, think about the services you provide and the problems your ideal clients might be going through. How can you position yourself as the solution to their problems? Educate them about that!

(And, pssstt… you didn’t hear it from me, but these tip emails are also a great place to include affiliate links if you have them!)

2. A personal story with an important lesson

People connect with people, not brands!

When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s typically for one of two reasons:

  1. They downloaded your lead magnet and don’t really know you.
  2. They signed up because they follow you elsewhere and like you enough to invite you into their inbox.

No matter which reason they subscribed for, you can get their attention by including a lot more of YOU! If they downloaded your freebie and they don’t know you, help them get to know you with emails that include details about you and your story. If they already know you and like you, then they’re clearly the people who want to hear your story.

Plus, no one wants to read strictly informational content all the time — that’s boring, and it’ll burn you out. Humans learn from human experiences; sharing personal stories and lessons you’ve learned will help you foster better connections with your subscribers, and help them understand and value you even more.

Stories you can tell:

  • The time you were afraid of starting your business, but you kicked your fears to the curb and are now thriving
  • That time you accidentally sent a draft to a client before it was finished, and you learned the art of proofreading
  • The hard decision you had to make about scaling, or outsourcing, or raising your prices
  • How something impacted your professional choices
  • An experience you had that changed your mindset about something

You can share anything you want with your list, but the most relatable and valuable stories will be the ones that help them grow, spark a response, and — most importantly — help your audience see a little bit of themselves reflected in it.

3. Cross promote your blog post, podcast episode, video, etc.

Beep, beep!

(That was you tooting your own horn, by the way.)

This is where you can really sell yourself. If you have a recent blog post, podcast episode that just aired, or a new downloadable that is on discount for a limited time – PROMOTE THEM!

No, it isn’t too salesy. 

No, they probably haven’t seen the offer or the post already.

No, you don’t need to feel icky about selling yourself.

Remember that your email subscribers are your most engaged following. They’re your hot leads! They want to hear about what you’re offering. And if you don’t market your business, who will?!

Cross-promoting is absolutely necessary if your email subscribers all come from different platforms. You will likely have subscribers finding you from Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Clubhouse… you name it! Not all of them will be privy to your content if you’re only publishing it on one platform and not telling any of your email subscribers about it. Get those views, friend!

4. Stories of transformation/testimonials

Speaking of beep beep… sharing transformations and testimonials is another powerful way to toot your own horn — and to provide your audience with proof that you’re exceptional at what you do.

You are an amazing business owner and a super talented creative (hello–that’s probably why people are reading your emails in the first place) and you deserve to share those results.

By framing these impactful transformations and testimonials as results you want to share with your list, you’re involving them and helping them picture themselves within those results. You want them to be thinking “ugh, I need that!” or “wow, I didn’t know she offered that, I think I should look into it!” — get their wheels turning a bit. 

5. Share your favorite tools/resources

People want to know about the tools and resources that make their lives easier. Remember what I mentioned about productivity hacks in the beginning of this post?! Yeah, people are obsessed. And I don’t blame them!

Think about the programs you use on a daily basis, and whether or not your audience could benefit from learning a bit more about them. Can you share why you love Dubsado so much? Can you help them out with a tip about customizing their Showit website? What about telling them all the ways they can use Later to their advantage?

Your audience likely trusts your word, and values your opinion. And this type of content is easy to create — you already know and love these platforms, all you have to do is tell the world about how great they are! 

These types of emails will also probably spark engagement, as people respond to you and ask you to elaborate about certain programs. Use this as an opportunity to chat with your audience (and, of course, use those affiliate links!)

For ideas of favorite tools and resources to include, click here.

When it comes to email services, Flodesk is my absolute favorite. I’ve tried plenty of others, but I’ve found that none of them come close to Flodesk — their pricing is great, the interface is extremely user-friendly, they have tons of done-for-you layouts (which, by the way, are SO aesthetically pleasing), and there’s no limit to the amount of subscribers you can have.

If you want to give Flodesk a try, you can use code “ALYSSABIRCH” when you sign up and you’ll get 50% off for LIFE!

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