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5 Common Website Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Everyone that knows me well will all agree – I am a slight perfectionist. Well, perhaps more than slight…

I tend to notice – and subsequently get distracted by – all sorts of details. If something is even slightly off, not only am I bound to notice, but it usually becomes the only thing that I’m able to focus on.

Your audience likely feels the same way.

My own personal attention to detail has kept me continually seeking improvement – especially when it comes to building my business and online presence.

Learning is, in many ways, trial and error.

And as someone who has made their fair share of mess ups along the way, I’m sharing a few of the most common website mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

01. // Mismatched Fonts

As I said, I’m kind of obsessive when it comes to details – and fonts are no exception. You should choose only a few select fonts to feature on your website. If you choose more than one, be sure that they complement one another. When you use several different fonts across your website, they begin to clash. Think simple and clean. You want your fonts to be easy to read, not to distract from the content, and to fit your brand and website’s style.

Do This Instead

Rather than choosing any two fonts that you think are visually appealing, it’s important that you pick fonts that complement each other. FontPair is a resource packed full of font pairing suggestions that will work well together and will ensure your website is top-notch.

02. // Poor Grammar & Spelling

Another way for your blog to be just plain unbearable is the use of awful grammar and spelling. With the internet and today’s technology right at our fingertips, there is no excuse for improper spelling and grammar. So, please, if you get that little red line under a word, take a moment and correct it!

Do This Instead

If you regularly struggle with grammar and spelling, you need to check out one of my favorite writing tools: Grammarly. I use Grammarly every single day to help ensure that everything I write is on-point. Not only does Grammarly check for grammar and spelling, but it will actually make suggestions on how to rephrase sentences to ensure you sound extra smart!

03. // Inconsistent Branding

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that if something “looks pretty”, that it’s good enough. In reality, that’s simply not the case. Consistent branding is essential across your entire site, as well as your social media platforms. Use consistent colors, fonts, and logos. If you keep your brand and online presence consistent across your site, your audience will be much more likely to remember you.

Do This Instead

If you do not have an established brand identity, you’re missing out, friend! Your brand is absolutely your business’ most valuable asset. If your website feels all over the place because you do not have a consistent brand, it’s time to work with someone to develop an identity that represents you well and will connect with your target audience.

04. // Using Too Many Colors

This may just be one of my biggest pet peeves. When you try to cram every single color from the entire color spectrum onto one page, you’re just asking for trouble. Choose a handful of colors (the less, the better), and stick with them. I generally recommend using white as a base color, simply because it’s clean, simple, and not distracting. If your colors interfere with someone’s ability to actually utilize the content on your site, you’ve got a problem.

Do This Instead

If your brand doesn’t have an established color palette, Canva has you covered. If you’re not familiar with Canva, they’re a platform that makes graphic design simple for non-graphic designers. They also offer a color palette tool that will help you stay consistent and on-brand.

05. // Using Content That’s Not Yours

Last, but certainly not least – you absolutely should not use content that isn’t yours. Ever. While it’s always great to gather information and inspiration from those you admire, don’t use their stuff. If you saw a picture on Pinterest that you like, don’t simply save and re-upload it. Rather than ripping a photo from Google Images, take the time to find a similar photo on a free stock photo site.

Do This Instead

If your budget is tight and you’re looking for a free stock photo resource, you need to check out Unsplash. This resource is packed full of quality photos that you’re able to use on your website without having to pay. On the other hand, if you’re ready to invest in quality photography, my personal favorite stock photo resources are Twenty20 and Haute Stock.


It’s time to fess up — which of these mistakes are you guilty of and what changes can you make to your website today?

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